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year: XXI - 2019
language: Croatian, English
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In the new summer edition of Oris magazine you can read Maroje Mrduljaš’s essay about the intertwined physical and virtual domain in contemporary tourism, an interview with Ricardo Bofill, Dean Skira and Dean Skira’s conversation with Peruvian light designer Claudia Paz. The issue also features new ENOTA project for Terme Olimia in Podčetrtek, vacation houses designed by Tuñón Arquitectos, ELEMENTAL and Roth&Čerina, Studio Up’s new hotel project in Bol, Vinery in Kutjevo designed by Tomislav Ćurković and Zoran Zidarić, awarded with the Vladimir Nazor Award, Bojan Mrđenović’s photo feature Magistrala, and many other articles.


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