About us

Oris stands for three institutions that cooperate in creating the central place of cultivating architectural culture in Croatia and this part of Europe. 

Oris magazine for architecture and culture of living is issued bimonthly since 1999 in English and Croatian and is aimed at architects, designers, urban planners and the wider public interested in architecture, design, photography, theatre, visual arts and theory. Balanced presentation of regional and international works explores relations and connections between local and foreign practices. Next to Oris magazine, during the last 20 years, Oris publishing house has issued numerous special editions and publications from the field of architecture and art. 

In 2021. the publishing of Oris magazine has been temporarily cancelled.

Days of Oris is an international architectural symposium organised by Oris magazine and the Oris House of Architecture. As the largest architectural convention in the region, every year it welcomes most distinguished professionals from all parts of the world and presents current activities from the field of architecture, design and art to more than 2000 visitors. The selection of speakers is the result of the prevailing international importance of the magazine and it relies on the network of associates and authors which Oris has developed during the last 20 years. The balance of already established and new authors, as well as the variety of speakers, provides visitors with an insight into the most interesting fragments of contemporary architectural and cultural production. Next to the central symposium in Zagreb, Oris has organised many special lectures and events in other towns in Croatia and the region. 


Oris House of Architecture was opened in 2015 in the centre of Zagreb as the focal point of architecture, design, art and culture. The attractive area of over 600 m2 includes a multimedia hall, library and readers‘ corner Forcimer, offices of Oris magazine and the web portal. More than 300 lectures, seminars, conferences, presentations of products and services have been organised in the Oris House of Architecture, as well as exhibitions, cultural manifestations and workshops. Interdisciplinary and intercultural programme of the Oris House of Architecture makes an indispensable part of the cultural offer of Zagreb and allows gatherings of all generations in the space designated for architecture and art.