Lecture - Miljenko Domijan: Armenia Sacra



Lecture by renowned Croatian art historian and conservator Miljenko Domijan Armenia Sacra: Sacred Architecture from 5th to 7th Century will be held on Wednesday, 28 March, at 6 pm, at Oris House of Architecture. 

The lecture is a presentation of Domijan's trip to Armenia, which resulted in a series of photography of Early Medieval church architecture. 

Miljenko Domijan
Born in Rab in 1946. Graduated in architecture from the Civil Engineering Technical School in Rijeka, visual arts from the Pedagogic Academy, and art history and philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar. Completed his specialist postgraduate study for the protection of built heritage at the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) in Rome. Worked in the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of Culture in Zadar in the early 1970s. Appointed institute director in 1977. Appointed the chief conservator in Croatia in the mid-1990s. Worked as Assistant Minister of Culture for the Protection of Cultural Heritage from April 1999 to July 2001. President of the National Committee of ICOMOS (the international NGO for the protection of cultural heritage) until 2011. Participates in the work of numerous expert committees and manages many projects for the protection of cultural monuments in the area of central Dalmatia. As an art historian and researcher of historic heritage, he has written several articles, most notably the monograph Rab – the City of Art. Has authored many projects and international exhibitions on Croatian cultural heritage. Has won numerous awards for his work, notably the Pasquale Rotondi Award on the European level for the preservation of cultural heritage and the Vicko Andrić Award for the preservation of Croatian cultural heritage.