Oris online: Lecture by Balkrishna Doshi DO 18


Today, 31 January 2023, 18 PM on Oris House of architecture YouTube channel you can watch a lecture by Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, shown at the Days of Oris 18 .

Balkrishna Doshi was born in 1927. (Pune, India).  He began his studies in 1947 at the Sir JJ College of Architecture in Mumbai. At the beginning of his career he worked with both Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. In 1956 he founded his own practice, Vastushilpa, and in 1978 he established Vastushilpa Foundation for Studies and Research in Environmental Design. Doshi was Founder, former Director and former Chairman of the School of Architecture and Planning in Ahmedabad (CEPT University). He was Dean Emeritus and worked in Ahmedabad. He has lectured at prestigious schools and institutions throughout the world. He is the 2018 Pritzker laureate. Doshi has passed away at 95, in Ahmedabad, India.

Lecture was filmed for the Days of Oris 18 Festival.


"The architecture and philosophy of Pritzker Laureate (2018) Balkrishna V Doshi, over the last 70 years, has reflected complex challenges of the Indian subcontinent and responded to universal humanistic values. Doshi has been recognised as a visionary educationist, institution builder, urbanist, artist and humane architect with a vast oeuvre of diverse projects, that ranges from dwellings, affordable housing, educational institutions, to cities and regional plans. CEPT-School of Architecture, Ahmedabad, that Doshi founded, with his colleagues, has been recognised internationally, for its spirit of enquiry and a centre of excellence. Rooted in his own culture and context, Doshi worked closely with two masters—Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn—on seminal projects in the Indian subcontinent. His intuitive pursuit has been one of constant questioning, guided by the spirit of community, sharing, tolerance, sustainability and a celebration of life. Doshi believes that buildings are living beings and not inert, static objects. Architecture, to Doshi, is a celebration of life". 

Durganand Balsavar

You can read the interview with Balkrishna Doshi here: www.oris.hr/celebration-of-life

Photo by Danko Stjepanović