A Talk With Architect Hildegard Auf-Franić


On Tuesday, 14 November 2017 at 7 pm, Oris House of Architecture is organizing a talk with professor emeritus Hildegard Auf-Franić. The talk will be moderated by architects Mia Roth Čerina and Veljko Oluić.

Auf-Franić will discuss various spheres of her long professional engagement, primarily focusing on her main fields of interest: potential spaces of vitalisation and integration of Zagreb’s urban space through participating in urban planning and architectural competitions and design of spaces for socio-cultural integration in realised buildings for education.

Hildegard Auf-Franić was born in Zagreb in 1941. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 1965, and was awarded a PhD in 1989. Since 2003, she has been employed at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb as full professor. She was Dean of the Faculty of Architecture from 1997 to 2001. She was the President of the Croatian Architects’ Association from 1993 to 1995.

She was awarded with Grand Prix at the 14 Zagreb Salon in 1979, the Croatian Architects’ Association Award Viktor Kovačić for realized work in architecture in 1996, the National Award for Architecture Vladimir Nazor in 1996, the annual award by the Croatian Academy of Engineering Rikard Podhorsky in 2005, and the City of Zagreb Award in 2006. She was awarded with Vladimir Nazor in 2013 and Viktor Kovačić award for lifetime achievement in 2017.

Selection of works in the area of educational buildings: Faculty of Philosophy and Teacher Education, University of Rijeka, with T. S. Franić and V. Rister (2010); Elementary School Sopnica – Jelkovec in Sesvete, with T. S. Franić, L. Korlaet and V. Rister (2009); reconstruction and extension of the elementary school in Žbandaj, with T. S. Franić, V. Rister and M. Roth Čerina (2006); Elementary School Borovje in Zagreb, with T. S. Franić (2005); Kindergarten and Infant Nursery Markuševac, with T. S. Franić (2006); the Faculty of Agriculture, Pavilion VI in Zagreb, with V. Olujić (2005); Kindergarten and Elementary School Petruševac in Zagreb, with V. Olujić and T. Žarnić (2000); Infant Nursery and Kindergarten Malešnica in Zagreb, with T. Žarnić (1996); Kindergarten and Infant Nursery in Imotski (1984); Elementary School Aržano (1982); the Faculty of Agriculture, Pavilion V in Zagreb, with B. Radimir and L. Pleština (1977).