Exhibition Landscapes of Ideas: the Sketches of RCR Architects



Exhibition Landscapes of Ideas: the Sketches of RCR Architects will open on Friday, 13 October 2017 at Oris House of Architecture at 7 pm.
The acclaimed Catalan architects, who are also the recipients of this years' Pritzker Prize, will be present at the opening. The exhibition will display watercolour sketches of seven of their projects.
Abstraction is one of the keys to the work of RCR, in the finished buildings themselves, in the exploratory sketches and even in the images of presentation and representation. Their buildings are like filters between natural and artificial worlds. RCR are acutely responsive to the sense of place and the forces, visible and invisible, at work in the terrain. They regard most sites as palimpsests combining overlays of past geology, landscape and history, and they seek to draw these latent energies together in buildings of strong visual emphasis but fluid interior and exterior space.
William J. R. Curtis – from the catalogue
Architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramón Vilalta began their own studio RCR Arquitectes in 1987 in Olot. They received the National Award in Architecture in Catalonia in 2005; Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2008; they have been Honorary Fellows of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) since 2010; and won the International Belgian Building Awards in 2011. Since 1989 they have been architectural consultants to the Natural Park of National Interest, in the volcanic zone of La Garrotxa. During their careers they taught Urbanism (1989–2001, Vilalta) and Studio Projects (1992–2004, Pigem). Have won various international competitions and have been recipients of many awards. Several of their works have been exhibited at galleries such as Toto Gallery.Ma (Global Ends). Furthermore, their works have been published in noteworthy architectural journals such as AV and El In 2017 they have been awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize.