Exhibition by Zlatko Kopljar: K21 Random Empty


The exhibition K21 Random Empty by artist Zlatko Kopljar will open on Tuesday 13 of April at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture.

‘’K21 Random Empty’’ has two components – a film (digital video) and two mysterious objects made out of specially designed modular concrete elements. Unlike the mostly uninterrupted sequence of recent films that have brought the enigmatic poetic visual and verbal narration to its aesthetic perfection, the new video is highly abstract, with no sound and almost absurdly banal in its simplicity. (…) In several earlier works, Kopljar’s luminescent alter ego (and the other earlier one, too) wandered through iconic woodlands looking for its unification with nature, meeting its limits and getting lost in the dark while trying to fix its position within the world. However, this time, it is about aimless dissolution within the media, from one extremeness to the second and then the third one, beyond which there is darkness and nothing else.

Marko Golub, From the exhibition catalogue

Born in 1962. A visual artist. He has exhibited at Sao Paulo Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, The Kitchen – New York, Gallery Manes- Praha, etc. His works are in collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb, Filip Trade collection, etc. Graduated in painting in 1991 with Professor Carmelo Zotti from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Currently lives and works in Zagreb. Awards and grants: Award for 2011, Bibel und Kultur Foundation, Stuttgart,  2011; Franklin Furnace Grant for performance art, 2002-2003, New York, 2002.