Exhibition Crkve Francuske na razglednicama


The exhibition CRKVE FRANCUSKE NA RAZGLEDNICAMA will open on Thursday, 5 April 2018 at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture (Voncimer). 

The exhibition will show a collection of postcards by Damir Kremenić while during opening night, there will be a lecture by Predrag Marković on gothic cathedrals in France. 
The concept of the exhibition is the presentation of a part of the author's postcard collection gathered throughout the decades. That includes 200 postcards of churches, chapels and inside of sacral objects from the whole territory of France. Next to each postcard there is a legend with the informations about the publisher and inventary number. In the exhibition there will also be a short text about deltiology - the study and collection of postcards.
The exhibition will be open until 12 April 2018.