Exhibition: Zlatko Ugljen - Prelude / 1-8-12-2016



The exhibition of works by Zlatko Ugljen called Prelude will open on Thursday, 1 of December at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture.

Zlatko Ugljen is an architect whose work has been marked by the continually masterful designing of space with tools that were chosen by minute reading of the space in which the architect works. In Oris House of architecture, Ugljen’s work will be presented through his plans, sketches and models that were a part of his working processes for the project of the White Mosque in Visoko (the projects was realized and later on awarded by Aga Khan Award for Architecture) and the competition entry for the cathedral in Mostar. These two works were created around the same time, but provide us with an insight into two completely different approaches to sacral spaces of two different religions. The works presented are valuable both as tools and as independent artefacts. Ugljen’s art thus becomes multifaceted and the opportunity arises for us to consider the means used to reach the final architectural project. 

Zlatko Ugljen was born in Mostar in 1929. Graduated from the Technical Faculty, Department for Architecture, in Sarajevo in 1958. Full professor since 1985. Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo since 2001. Full member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Major realized buildings: Hotel Ruža, Mostar, 1975; Hotel Bregava, Stolac, 1975; Šerefudin – The White Mosque, Visoko, 1979; Gorica Residence of the President of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, Bugojno, 1979; Vučko mountain hotel on Jahorina Mountain, 1983; Plehan Religious and Cultural Centre, Plehan (with N. Ugljen-Ademović), 2005; Catholic Chapel in Plehan (with N. Ugljen-Ademović), 2010. Has had 15 solo exhibitions and participated in 9 group shows at home and abroad. Has won eight awards in the field of architecture, among which the most significant is the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1983.


Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia
City of Zagreb