Exhibiton EDRA: A Story All Its Own



On Thursday, 8 July 2017 at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture the exhibition titled EDRA: A Story All Its Own, organised by Oris House of Architecture and Černelić – Solutions for Interiors, The exhibition will present the production process of designed furniture, from product prototyping and industrialisation to its usage in contemporary designed interior. 
In 30 years of its existence, Edra has been fusing high-tech and hand-made technologies by connecting modern materials and innovations with knowledge and skills of traditional craftsmen, creating unique and timeless pieces of furniture, freed from the influences of temporary fads. Although initially an entrepreneurial enterprise, Edra today stands as a cultural phenomenon which skilfully balances commerciality and art.
Following its unconventional approach, Edra associates itself with undiscovered talents. Edra has in the meantime become a talent scout. In 1987, Edra presented I Nuovissimi, a collection designed by young designers and selected by Massimo Mozzi. In 1988, Edra presented the very first designs by Zaha Hadid; sofas Wavy, Woush, and Red. Two years later Edra launched two important collections; Flower Collection by Masanori Umeda, and Tatlin by Mario Cananzi and Robert Semprini, which both went to become the icons of design. In 1998, Edra discovered Brazilian duo Fernando and Humberto Campana who rose to fame by working with Edra. Franceso Binfare is an essential figure in Edra's history – a visionary and an inventor of the intelligent recliner that adjusts to the position of the body. In recent times, artist Jacopo Foggini has found complete creative freedom, no limitations, by working with Edra.
All types of spaces, regardless of their style, are ideal for Edra’s furniture. Designed to last, untroubled with passing trends, Edra's design fits perfectly in the widest context of various interiors, and as such represents an aesthetic tradition, which is passed on from one generation to another.
The exhibition will stay on view by 20 June.