Lecture: Connecting EU Space / Zagreb – EU Green Capital 2020


Architect Mladenka Dabac will on Thursday, 3 November at 7 pm, in Oris House of Architecture hold a lecture entitled Connecting EU Space / Zagreb – EU Green Capital 2020.

In her lecture, Mladenka Dabac will present her own transnational EU projects and realizations that have been implemented in Croatia, with an emphasis on networking in between professionals, particular knowledge, laws and directives stemming from the best European practices, which have succeeded in establishing sustainable and responsible development through complex projects.

Having in mind that at the end of 2014 Croatia, at that time the youngest member of EU, was allowed access to the structural funds and investments of EU for the period 2014 – 2020, this +green concept lecture wants to emphasize the new innovative solutions in enriching our and EU spaces. It is an encompassing incorporation of all resources of development and the harmonization of sustainable managing of both public and private initiatives, which in the end enables implementation in different EU locations.

Architect Dabac has worked on many transnational projects, interventions and renovations that were executed according to the principles of sustainable architecture. These projects include hotels, spa and health resorts. Her current projects are focused on urban interventions in Zagreb and its surroundings, united under the name +green concept Connecting EU Space – Zagreb Green Capital 2020.  

Mladenka Dabac graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb in 1971 and the Faculty of Architecture in Karslruhe (Germany) in 1985. Immediately after graduating, she started to work at the Department of Statistics at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb and Department of Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Architecture in Karlsruhe. She has worked as a licensed architect in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Croatia with important international projects and realizations. She has been successful in many international competitions, she has exhibited in prominent international exhibitions and has published articles in international publications on architecture. She is a longtime member of Deutscher Werkbund / DWB. She is a founder and a member of NGO forum in Germany and Croatia. She has been teaching continually at the Department of Architectural Design and Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture in Karlsruhe. She works intensively as an author, founder and teacher, uniting international and interdisciplinary teams of professionals and researches coming from Germany and Croatia to work on her personal Eu projects (+green concepts, +green hotel, +green spa resorts) and realizations (2002 – 2016). The focus of these projects are green/sustainable urbanism, planting and termalism; green/sustainable tourism in all aspects of touristic activities and green/sustainable innovation. The engagements for these projects have been continually supported and followed by the European Commission and the European Parliament. Diverse developmental aspects of these projects – from economic and social development, improving of environment protection to improvement of touristic offers and promotion of the City of Zagreb and Croatia in the world – have been acknowledged and valorized positively by higher national and EU entities and institutions, which have been, as it was already stated, continually following and actively participating as project partners.