Lecture: Nikolay Belousov Wonder Wood



On Thursday, 25 of October at 7 pm, Oris House of Architecture will host a lecture by Russian architect Nikolay Belousov. The title of the lecture is Wonder Wood
A couple of years ago in Central Germany archaeologists discovered several wells of the Neolithic Age. Radio analysis showed that they are more than 7 thousand years old. Those people were working with stone axes, but they were already joining the logs in the same way that we are doing today - chopping in a bowl. I am insanely inspired by that in my work, I use the log - the ever contemporary forerunner of all construction technologies which meets my biases in shaping.
In our projects, we apply the forgotten techniques of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Sometimes we take them from books, but if the architect feels the wood, the technological nodes are born of themselves, and then, thanks to the restorers, we learn that they were used by masters of past centuries. It is curious, but it's not an end in itself. The point is to combine the tried and tested techniques with the modern understanding of architecture to create an unusual space that will make you experience new sensations, "tear off the ground," and even change your life.
It is difficult to invent something new in such a thoroughly studied area as housing design, but it seems to me that it is the wood that gives such an opportunity and therefore now it is again universally applied - both in new technological quality and in the traditional one.
About Belousov
To create his objects architect Nikolai Belousov chose the traditional and most Russian of all technologies - a log house. Later, his son Vladimir joined his activities, completely sharing his father's passion for wood as a living, pure and melting in itself a variety of possibilities for the material. In the work of the Belousov, paradoxically, and not contradicting each other, ancient receptions and modernist form-building are combined. Based on the archaic log, they create modern spaces and volumes, each of which contains its own finds and insights.
The lecture will be held in English.