Vjera Bakić and Matthias Kulstrunk: Svetice Swimming Pool Complex

photo Marko Mihaljević


On Thursday, 2 February at 7 pm, in Oris House of Architecture, architects Vjera Bakić and Matthias Kulstrunk will present their Svetice Swimming Pool Complex.

Svetice swimming pool complex is the biggest sport and recreational object realized in 2016 in Zagreb and, at the same time, it is the first big realization of its authors, Vjera Bakić and Matthias Kulstrunk.

By presenting the complex process of the project's realization, the authors will reveal numerous programatic, contextual, technological and social apsects that lead to this thematically multilayered, coherent and reduced architecture. The intensive dealing with the basic architectural themes – specific for recreational objects in general, such as the wide contruction range, geometry, order, structure and space – resulted in the creation of this unique receational surroundings, which with its materiality, spatial values and vistas has already become an integrated part of Zagreb.  

The surface of the water, a clear white construction, forest reflections on the glass envelope, it all combines into a unique image, which we perceive as an invitation for entering the comfort zone. The architects deny any hierarchical relationship between the spaces and create a field of freedom. Vera Grimmer, Oris 102, 2016

Vjera Bakić

Born in Zagreb in 1977. Graduated in Architecture at the Architectural Faculty in Zagreb in 2001, and at the ETH Zurich in 2006 where she is engaged in scientific research at the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture. Since 2007, lecturer at the Architectural Faculty in Zagreb.

Matthias Kulstrunk

Born in Zurich in 1980. Graduated in Architecture at the ETH in Zurich in 2007 where he was a lecturer at the Chair of Prof. Annette Spiro from 2011 to 2016.

They were guest critics at the ETH Zurich, Architectural Faculty in Zagreb, and TU Darmstadt.

From 2006, V. Bakić and M. Kulstrunk have a joint architectural office in Zagreb, from 2013 in Zurich as well. They are the authors of several exhibited, published and awarded architectural and urban planning projects. Their most important completed project is the Svetice Swimming Pool in Zagreb, which has been nominated for Piranesi, 2017 Mies van der Rohe, and Bauwelt Awards.

Lecture will be held in Croatian and English.