Exhibition: Zlatko Ugljen Calvary



We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of  Bosnian-Herzegovinian architect Zlatko Ugljen titled Calvary that will be held on Tuesday, 30 October 2018 in Oris House of Architecture (Kralja Držislava 3) at 7 pm. 
A small chapel with a statue of St. Anthony had been at the location where Zlatko Ugljen built a glazed wooden church of St. Anthony for ages. Following their beliefs and customs, people traditionally visited the chapel for thirteen consecutive Tuesdays before the 13th of June, St. Anthony’s holiday and day of his death. It had been so for years and decades, in different periods and under different political systems, with religious and folk traditions blending and the passage of time leaving trace on people and the statue. The generations would thus shift until 2011, when the statue was restored. It was then, or even much earlier, when the idea of building a church at the pilgrimage site appeared. Considering the geographical position and lack of roads, the church had to be small.  A small chapel with the statue of St. Anthony was expected to be relocated.  

An architect was yet to be found.

Fortunately, it seems that the search was not long. Architects and builders must not have been too eager to be engaged on this strange and indeed an old-fashioned task since the material for the church had to be brought to the wilderness of Calvary Hill by hand or on horses. Somehow, Zlatko Ugljen came across. 
- Miljenko Jergović