Lecture - Talca, Chile: Inhabiting the Edges



On Thursday, 18 of January at 6 pm, Oris House of Architecture will host a lecture by Chilean architect and professor Eduardo Aguirre León. The title of the lecture is Talca, Chile: Inhabiting the Edges. The lecture will revolve around the educational strategies of Talca’s School of Architecture. 
The Central Valley of Chile is the territory in which the School of Architecture of Talca is located. It has been the support for the creation of its educational model, and the laboratory for the School to actively engage with different issues, through the work of students and professors. Inhabiting the edges portrays the rural of the Central Valley of Chile, through a series of built projects that outline an overview of certain places for social gatherings; those that emerge and develop outside of the official policies, and still are able to give an account of the features of the territory that supports them. It is about places at the riversides, the crossroads and the borders of the fields. They all seem to feature a certain marginal condition, related to a permanent state of becoming, at the edges of the process of modernization. The small piece of infrastructure that every work is, allows us to reflect on the capacity of the actual architectural work to activate the underlying potential of those places. The architectural project as a vehicle for an alteration of the territory.
Eduardo Aguirre León
Architect. Studied architecture at Universidad de Chile and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. A professor and a former director of the School of Architecture at Universidad de Talca in Chile where he is currently teaching several courses: Studio, Structural Design Studio, Design/Build Studio, and Design/Build Diploma Studio. He has thought classes as a guest lecturer and workshop leader at Uni Andes, Bogotá in Colombia, and Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fé, Argentina. His work focuses on the relationship between architecture and territory, the problem of architecture and nature, public places and infrastructures for the rural, structures in architecture and lightweight structures and materials. 
The lecture will be held in English.