Adequacy - Response to the Nature of Task and Context

architect Miroslav Begović
project Hlebine Gallery, Hlebine, Croatia
written by Borka Bobovec


The clean and rationalized spatial relations are not in conflict with the almost idyllic character of the landscape and architecture of the area. The architect has indeed achieved ​​a peculiar and very seriously conducted synthesis of highly purified, and yet simple in material vocation, extraordinarily warm relationships between brick, wood (oak) and glass. The open roof construction of the exhibition space is reminiscent of the best moments of the Zagreb Architecture School, not that much in its literal meaning – but in the spirit of that pioneering, heroic, so to say, period of Croatian architecture, namely the spirit of artists of the Earth Group who knew how to express the principles of modernity in the peculiar spirit of the local architectural thought.[1]


Creating a space for a certain work of art requires the architect to understand the art for which the space is created. In this particular case, it also required the understanding of the environment and the region in which naïve art evolved.

[1] Pasinović, A., 1969:69