Lecture: Idis Turato Architecture of Fluid Tourism

Photo: Bosnić+Dorotić


Architect Idis Turato will deliver a lecture titled Fluid Architecture of Tourism on Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 6 pm at Oris House of Architecture.

About the lecture
According to the modernist myth of complete freedom and accessibility, the touristic nomadism should have guaranteed ideal life circumstances through leisure and rest and it should have contributed to the balance between clashing interests of modern times; work and leisure on one side, and technology and nature on the other. Nowadays, we are witnessing the complete paradigm change in which the market economy, dictated by the strong and omnipresent media systems, takes over the place of direct tourist practices. Instead of traditional marketing persuasion to spend money during holidays, what has been achieved is a more thorough intrusion into the social structures. Tourism, its hotels and resorts have stopped being tied to specific time and place, and have become omnipresent condition. Condition in which tourism is everywhere and all the time, mixed with habitation, working, sport, intertwined with the health system, implemented through education and pompously used for political means. Tourism is an omnipresent condition that through mass production circulates in the space of the social. The size and shape of today’s hotel or tourist resort parallels the size and shape of the market itself – global, available, omnipresent, always possible and in most cases embodied in the hardly recognizable architecture of fluid tourism.

Idis Turato
Born in 1965 in Rijeka. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. In 1992, with Saša Randić, he opened the office Randić Turato and in 2009 he established an independent office Arhitektonski biro Turato d.o.o. He lives and works in Rijeka. He teaches at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split (fgag) and at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. He received numerous architectural awards; Viktor Kovačić (in 2003, for the extension of the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka; in 2008, for the Aula of Pope John Paul ii in Trsat and in 2009 for the nursery school Katarina Frankopan in Krk), Vladimir Nazor and Piranesi Award in 2005 for the primary school Fran Krsto Frankopan in Krk and Drago Galić in 2012 for the Nest and Cave House in Volosko. He represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale in 2006 with the project In Between and in 2010 with the project Pavillion.

The lecture will be held in Croatian.


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