Heinz Tesar - Thinking Through Drawing

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Catalogue of Heinz Tesar's exhibition Thinking Through Drawing in Oris House of Architecture; 15 December 2016 - 13 January 2017.

text authors Vera Grimmer
dim. 2 x 209 x 260 mm
language Croatian / English
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The exhibition of works by Austrian architect Heinz Tesar under the title Thinking through Drawing opened on Thursday, 15th December at 7 pm at Oris House of Architecture.
In Tesar’s oeuvre a very special place belongs to the watercolors – intuitive nib or pencil drawings that fully come to life when colored. Pink or blue and grey color are splashed all over the drawings emphasizing their important elements. The drawing becomes fluid, often transforming into an illusion, an illusion that is the same time an announcement of a project. But it can also be a means of artistic exploration that might later on become the basis of a real project.
Vera Grimmer- From the exhibition catalogue