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Catalogue of the exhibition Myth of the Change by architect and professor Nenad Fabijanić in Oris House of Architecture; 10 - 24 March 2017.

text authors Ješa Denegri, Vera Grimmer, Matko Meštrović
dim. 8 x 208 x 261 mm, 75 p.
language Croatian / English
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The exhibition Myth of the Change by architect Nenad Fabijanić opened on Friday, 10 March 2017, in Oris House of Architecture at 7 pm. With this exhibition, the long-lasting dialogue on philosophy, art and the presentation of art between architect Nenad Fabijanić and avant-garde artist Josip Vaništa continues.
I have already noticed Fabijanić’s capability of upgrading and relating to the work of the other. His skill found its expression in spatial presentations, interpretation and development of Vaništa’s ideas, even the non-art ones. All professional practices and methods of exhibition setups aside, it was about human empathy, acceptance and imaginative extension of the impulse of sensitivity.  
Perception by a directed attention is an inevitable condition of the complete comprehension, irreplaceable quality and characteristic of a true educational effort, in all aspects of unravelment; ideological, social and personal. This opportunity given to us by Oris is thus precious – just to emphasise it. Even if it occurs without a conscious intention. I believe that Neven did not even have this planned. But it seems that he was provoked by Vaništa’s dilemma of whether to recreate the myth or abolish it completely. 
Matko Meštrović, from the book Myth of the Change