Days of Oris 15: Introducing the speakers - László Földes


We are introducing the speakers of Days of Oris 15 which will be held on 17th and 18th October at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.

László Földes, a Hungarian architect who seeks to create the architectural fusion of tradition and modernity, which can be seen in his creative work where traditional continuity and research of layers of Hungarian architectural heritage and the use of new ideas and methods of construction plays a major role.

Having obtained a degree in architecture from the Budapest University of Technology, László Földes joined Jarvinen & Airas studio, Helsinki. Having returned to Hungary he founded the Foldes Architects in 1994, where he works with 10 young architects. The office won two Pro Architectura awards and an Ybl award, besides being invited to exhibit at architecture events of RIBA/London, Lighthouse/Glasgow, Piran days of architecture/Slovenia, Tranzit 15/Leiden, DAZ/Berlin, Kunsthalle/Budapest. Projects of Foldes Architects are both residential (dwelling houses, apartment houses) and public buildings (health centres, churches, museums, schools). Their projects’ identification lays in the use of natural and local materials (stone, brick, wood), and the belief in architectural continuity. Still, they are opened to new ideas. First time in history they built in “LiTraCon” (light transmitting concrete), Aron Losonczi's invention which received several awards.

About Kemenes Vulkán Park centre project published in Oris magazine, issue 88, you can read more here.

See you at Days of Oris 15!