Days of Oris 15: Introducing the speakers - Lacaton & Vassal



We are introducing the speakers of Days of Oris 15 which will be held on 17th and 18th October at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.

Lacaton & Vassal, Paris-based architectural practice, known for their delicate interventions, they practise social architecture based on economy, modesty and the found beauty of the environment.

Anne Lacaton born in 1955 in Saint Pardoux (Dordogne), France. Graduated from the Architecture School of Bordeaux, 1980; diploma of urban planning, University of Bordeaux, 1984. Visiting professor at the Architecture School of Lausanne, 2003–2004, 2005–06; visiting professor at AHO, Oslo Architecture School, 2009; visiting professor in the Master of Housing, ETSA Madrid, since 2007; visiting professor at the EPFL Lausanne, 2010–11. Jean Philippe Vassal born in 1954, Casablanca, Morocco. Graduated from the Architecture School of Bordeaux, 1980; architect & town planner in Niger, 1980–85. Professor at the Architecture School of Versailles 2002–06, Bordeaux, 1992–99; visiting professor at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (Peter Behrens School of Architecture), 2005; professor at the TU Berlin 2007–10; visiting professor at the EPFL Lausanne, 2010–11. Major projects: Palais de Tokyo, 2nd phase, Paris, completed in 2012; Regional Contemporary Art Collection (Frac), Dunkirk; social housing (30) and students residence (97), Paris, under construction; transformation of a social housing block, St Nazaire, under construction; social housing, St Nazaire, 2011; transformation of social housing high-rise block, Paris, with Frédéric Druot, 2011; social housing, Trignac-St Nazaire, 2010; Architecture School, Nantes, 2009; winestore at Embres & Castelmaure, Castelmaure, 2007; Management Sciences School, Bordeaux, 2006; transformation of social housing high-rise buildings of inner cities, with Frédéric Druot; Dwellings at Mulhouse 14 units, Mulhouse, France, 2005; house at Keremma, Brittany, France, 2005; Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2002; Café shop, AZW, Vienna, 2001; Faculty Of Arts And Human Sciences, Pierre Mendès France University, Grenoble; house at Coutras, 2000. Awards: Equerre d’Argent Award 2011, with Frédéric Druot, France; Daylight & Building Components Award, Velux Foundations, Copenhagen, 2011; Grand Prix National d’Architecture, France, 2008; International Fellowship, Royal Institute of British Architects, 2009; Erich Schelling Award 2006, Fondation Erich Schelling, Karlsruhe; Sustainability and Residential Innovation Award, City of Madrid, 2006; Grand Prix National d’Architecture Jeune Talent, France, 1999; Lauréats des Albums de la Jeune Architecture, France, 1991.

About Nord Frac project published in Oris magazine, issue 90, you can read more here.

See you at Days of Oris 15!