1OOris - 100 issues of Oris Magazine



On Saturday, 10 September 2016  at 1 p. m. the exhibition of all 100 printed issues of Oris magazine for architecture and culture of living will open.

Oris’ publishing history includes both Croatian and Slovenian magazine editions and a series of books produced by Oris House of Architecture. The print of the 100th issue of Oris is considered worthy of a special celebration. The first issue of Oris was published on 2 March 1999 and the company opened a year earlier. We consider ourselves to be of legal age!

I was once asked how I would position and distinguish Oris within the global field of architectural institutions. The answer is simple: globally, there are not many other institutions that would, in a comparably competent and content-minded manner, promote and comment the development of architecture through reflection such as Oris does. The Oris magazine, the Days of Oris, the exhibitions and all their other activities contribute to the promotion of and content-related reflections on contemporary architecture. It is a true house of architecture, an archetypal hut, from which it all starts.

Dietmar Steiner, director of the Architekturzentrum Wien

In the jubilee 100th issue, you will be able to read interviews conducted with some of the most reputable names in contemporary art and architecture, such as Alejandro Aravena, the winner of the most prestigious architecture prize – the Pritzker Prize – for the year 2016; Toyo Ito, Japanese architect, author, also a winner of the Pritzker Award; Denise Scott Brown, she has – together with her husband Robert Venturi – delineated the theory and practice of postmodern architecture; Juhani Pallasmaa, Finnish architect and theoretician, one of the most important critics of architecture; Boris Groys, a philosopher, essayist, art critic and acclaimed connoisseur of Russian avant-garde; Damir Fabijanić, the master of photography, one of the founders of Oris, the publisher of the magazine Iće & Piće; Damil Kalogjera, an acclaimed photographer, remarkable portraitist and exceptional professional; Bogdan Žižić, Croatian film director and screenwriter, Miljenko Jergović, a writer, journalist and winner of many domestic and international literary awards; Maroje Mrduljaš, an architect, critic and curator, author and editor of many books on architecture and design; Boris Magaš, a doyen of Croatian architecture, the author of the football stadium in Split, Haludovo Hotel, a professor and teacher to many generations of architecture students…

The whole issue will be significantly bigger in size and circulation

Do join us on Saturday, 10 September, at 1 p. m. for the opening of the exhibition accompanying the publishing of the 100th issue of Oris magazine.

A day earlier, 9 September, we are inaugurating a new season of our restaurant Voncimer with a refreshing new menu. Reserve your spot on time!

The exhibition will be on view till 24 September 2016. Free admission.