Lecture: Nikola Basic and Marko Murtic - hotel D Resort


We invite you to Oris House of Architecture on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at 6 p.m. to attend the lecture of architect Nikola Basic and architect Marko Murtic about their project, hotel D Resort in Sibenik.

Nikola Bašić was born in Murter in 1946. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Sarajevo in 1972. He attended postgraduate studies of Architectural Structures in Sarajevo (1978–80). In 1991 he founded his own practice called Marina projekt. He has lectured and managed the architectural workshop at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Split since 2005. He has been an associate member of the Visual Arts Class at the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2008. Since 2010. he is guest profesor at the  Faculty of Architecture, University of Split.

Major built works: Zlatna Luka nautical centre, Bibinje-Sukošan, 1991; SAS complex, Zadar, 1991; Marina in Betina, 1991; Church of Our Lady of Carmel, Okit, Vodice, 1998; Church of St Joseph, Ražine, Šibenik, 1999; commercial centre in Zadar, 2000; Church of the Holy Mother of Liberty, Jarun, Zagreb, 2000; Monastery of Saint Francis Nuns of the Immaculate, Šibenik, 2001; office/residential building in Maksimirska 34, Zagreb, 2002; stage for the Pope on the Forum, Zadar, 2003; Sea Organ, Zadar, 2005; TIZ residential/office complex, Zadar, 2005; Church and Monastery of St Anthony, Šubićevac, Šibenik, 2006; indoor swimming pool, Zadar, 2006; Salute to the Sun, Zadar, 2008; memorial to fallen firemen on the island of Kornat, 2010.

Major awards and mentions: Vladimir Nazor Annual Award, 1991; Drago Galić Award, 1991; Vladimir Nazor Annual Award, 1994; Grand Prix of the 35th Zagreb Salon, 2000; Bernardo Bernardi Award, 2004; CEMEX Croatia Construction Award, 2006; European Prize of Urban Public Space, 2006 / CCCB, Barcelona; Cemex International Building Award 2006, Monterrey, Mexico; Selected Work, Mies van der Rohe Award, 2007, Barcelona; Jure Kaštelan Annual Art Award of Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper, 2010.; Bernardo Bernardi, 2010, Vladimir Nazor Annual Award, 2010. 

Marko Murtić was born on 20 January 1958 in Zagreb. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, from which he graduated in 1983. He continued his studies at the International School of Architecture in Urbino, Italy, under mentorship of Giancarlo di Carlo, Herman Hertzberger, and Peter Smithson. He earned his master's degree  at Illinois Institute of Technology under mentorship of Professor Myron Goldsmith in 1987. He established the Studio Art Avant-Garde in 1987 and the AAG design center in 1996 where he was promoting contemporary design in Croatia.

Along with the promotion of product design, in his AAG Studio, Murtić worked on numerous architectural and interior designs such as Collage showroom Zagreb, and corporative design of companies such as Adris, Podravka, Tvornica duhana Rovinj, Zagrebačka banka, Dubravica, Hugo Boss, Imago Marketing Agency. He was finding new challenges and creating spaces that were relevant for the time in which they were executed.

He received several local and international prizes in architectural competitions. Awards and recognitions of the Zagreb Salon, and Bernardo Bernardi for interior design.

Along with architectural practice, Marko Murtić is engaged in design, development of industrial product and furniture design. In 2016, he started STAFF, a new brand of furniture, which promoted contemporary design for hospitality spaces. Since 2004, he has authored and developed a large number of designs for sailboats and motor boats, developed in the period from 2004 to 2012. For the development of sailboats he received a prestigious international Red Dot Design Award 2012-2013.

In the period from 2012-2015, he designed the interiors of the D-Resort Mandalina, for which he received international recognition by being shortlisted among the ten hotels in the world, and for the best hotel design in 2016, the International Hotel&Property Award.


Those attending the lecture will be invited to join us for a glass of wine.

Please send the confirmation of you arrival to e-mail maja@oris.hr  


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