Manifest, Monomaterial, Refundation and Landscape / Contemporary Chilean Architecture



The exhibition on Contemporary Chilean Architecture will open on Saturday, 15 of October 2016, in Oris House of Architecture at 7 p. m.

In the last two decades Chilean architecture has become –  in the domestic and international world of art and culture – one of the busiest sites of production. Works and projects of this period have been widely recognized and acknowledged in Chile and abroad. Despite of it, the general intonation has remained almost entirely in the realm of descriptive writing and reasoning. Critical inputs are insufficient; only a few authors, works, projects and writings go beyond the limits of a case study.

While recognizing the efforts made over the past 20 years to promote architects and works of the period, the exhibition presented here, which is a result of the research: The Discourse of Contemporary Architecture Chilean, Four Fundamental Debates, intends to take another direction and provide a critical analysis that starts with the works themselves leading to the wide range of questions they pose and issues they raise.

It advocates working under the assumption that the discourse of contemporary Chilean architecture relies mainly on four disciplinary and cultural debates raised by the relevant works of the period.

The Discourse of Contemporary Chilean Architecture
Four Fundamental Debates

Hugo Mondragón

Pedro Alonso
Umberto Bonomo
Macarena Cortés

Shakti Feuerhake
Daniela Gaggero
Thaise Gambarra

Andrea Ambroso
Umberto Bonomo
Macarena Cortés
Hugo Mondragón

Felipe Alarcón
Guillermo Rojas
Alberto Franchini

The exhibition will be opened until 5 November 2016.

There will be guided tours on Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd at 6 p.m.

Free admission.