Exhibition Trebotić: Light and Darkness of the Mediterranean


The exhibition Trebotić: Light and Darkness of the Mediterranean will open on Friday, 19 May 2017, at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture.  

In 1964 architect and artist Matko Trebotić, at that time at the beginning if his career, built his first and only independent architectural realisation – a modernist restaurant in Milna, on the island of Brač. Low, spacious and simple geometrical interior surrounded by an open terrace and carried by slim piers for years offered rest to tourists and local people from the strong summer sun, when that location with the seating capacity of five hundred places lived at its fullest. More than fifty years after, there is a completely different picture at the same location. Abandoned and devastated space decorated with the graffiti displaying contemporary political messages is only one in a line of many symptomatic destinies of our modernist heritage. Trebotić’s reaction towards its history is staged in a multimedia exhibition in which photographs of before and after are intertwined with a new series of paintings in which he explores both negative and positive potential of the Mediterranean culture in which he was born, accompanied by the building plan in a smaller scale installed on the floor of the gallery of the Oris House of Architecture. Different motifs appear in front of the visitor, leaving them to interpret the message emerging from the arrangement of the installation.  

The exhibition will be on view by 3 June, 2017.